How to handle the kidney problems?

One of the reason the patient has kidney failure is because of medication and heavy salt intake daily. I have physically walk through with kidney failure patient risk who had 30 capsules of medication for more than 2 years. In normal circumstances,this patient could have died of kidney or liver failure.

Furthermore, he is a patient with continuous pain after spine surgery. If he do not take the 30 capsules he cannot handle his pain and his health problems.

I have added some detox formula for him to overcome this. However, the detox formula from plants must be grown from healthy soil otherwise the detox formula cannot help us to detox the toxic inside our body.

Currently, we are looking forward for the detox formula from science test in order to save human lifes from health problems.

Beside the detox formula,we have to eat the food or drinks with healing kidney ability. Our food cannot be too salty. The advice to kidney failure patient is don’t take salty food.

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